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Plumbing Services

Pinevale have been providing new build plumbing services in Dorset since 2003. We also offer plumbing refurbishment and can provide a bespoke solution to meet your needs.  The below points are a brief guide to our plumbing services but we would be pleased to discuss your specific requirements and provide advice.

Consultation, Advice & Planning

Pinevale will never take on any plumbing work without firstly ensuring the customer is clear on what they need and also clear on the solution to meet those needs.  We will map your requirements to technical solutions and ensure you understand our solution before any work commences.

Water Softeners

  • A water softener will reduce hard water scale build up on appliances
  • Dorset is a hard water area so a water softener will reduce plumbing maintenance
  • We install leading brands such as Monarch, Scalemaster, Aquadial

Hot Water Cylinders

  • Vented (with Roof Tank)
  • Unvented (without Roof Tank)
  • Heat Store (Direct Heat)
  • Multi Coil (Solar, Boiler, etc.)

Rainwater Guttering

Various types/colours available such as:

  • Half Round
  • Square Flow
  • Regency

Water Boosting

  • Booster Sets, Accumulators, Break Tanks, Bespoke Tanks Available
  • Provides a stable, consistent water pressure and flow
  • All our products are WRAS approved (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme)