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Canford Cliffs

Our customer contacted Pinevale complaining that their underfloor heating system seemed to “have a mind of it’s own”. We’ve heard it before!  Several issues came up here when we surveyed the property.  We found problems with electrical wiring, commissioning of the system, poor pipe work configuration and faulty components. We worked through the issues and once we were sure the system tested correctly, we upgraded the system to Heatmiser Neo controls giving the customer the option to operate and adjust the heating system from his phone.  As the residents are away a lot, this solution was perfect for them.


Our customer, referred by an architect we work closely with, asked us to do a survey on a property he was buying.  We found various faults which our customer used to negotiate further on the purchase.  Once he moved in, we returned and updated the system and controls.


Our customer had some issues with efficiency after moving into his new build property. He asked us to assess. We discovered the system hadn’t been correctly commissioned. We cleaned and flushed the system with a biocide and rebalanced his system.  We then found various faults such as incorrect wiring, faulty components, incorrect settings and incorrectly installed controls.  We were able to work through all of these areas resulting in an efficient system and a happy customer.  So much so that our customer has now asked us to sort similar issues in another property.

Property Management

A property management company had 4 plumbers assess a block of flats over the last 18 months to advise on poor water pressure throughout the flats. Residents have become increasingly irritated at the lack of progress. After a 3 hour survey, the issues were clear. Residents had been refurbishing with combi boilers, putting pressure on the incoming mains. However, the mains hadn’t been upgraded to cope with the additional pressure and flow rate. We advised, a new, correctly sized main and water booster for upper floors would sort the problems. The management company were so pleased with our work, they came back to us to survey another similar block of flats.