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Plumbing & Heating Residential Surveying

Did you know:

  • 43% of those that had an independent residential survey carried out, negotiated a lower purchase price (source Which magazine)
  • 24% of home buyers had no survey done but spent, on average, £12,000 to make the property habitable (source RIC)
  • A Chartered Surveyor isnt qualified to report on plumbing & heating, but will often recommend an independent survey, but many ignore this at their peril
  • Dampness, faulty drains and poor insulation are all on the top ten list of problems uncovered by Surveyors (source –

From initial pre-purchase plumbing & heating survey, to producing service plans, efficient running schemes, assistance with infrastructure, upgrade strategies for future proofing and budget planning. We can tailor our survey to suit your needs. Once you move in, we can offer an annual service package to ensure your plumbing and heating remain in tip top shape.

Our Surveys are suitable for those:

  • Purchasing a property
  • Residing in older properties and perhaps considering selling – we can advise on anything not compliant to current regulations or anything that may devalue the property
  • Residing in large properties with complicated/technical plumbing & heating systems and having trouble with efficiency
  • Planning a complete refurbishment
  • Properties with no plumbing and heating paperwork or instruction guides
  • Wanting clear, professional advice on energy efficiency and renewable technologies

Our Surveys include

  • Heating water analysis (a bit like a blood test). This will tell us whats been going on inside the heating system over the years
  • Visual inspection/general efficiency report
  • Testing of boiler, cylinder, expansion vessel, tanks and heating distribution
  • Pipework inspection
  • Radiators and valves inspection
  • Gas supply
  • Heat recovery
  • Themostatic controls – analysed for performance and adjusted where necessary
  • Full written report detailing issues with recommendations, highlighting anything not complying to current regulations, recommendations for future proofing and efficiency